Visa Recipients

  • ABRAMOWICZ, Maksimiljan
    Age 46
    Age 34
  • SCHIMMEL, Nathan A
    Age 14

About the Family

Maria ABRAMOWICZ requested a visa from the Portuguese government on May 31, 1940 (see telegram below). Although the request seems to have been denied, Aristides de Sousa Mendes helped the ABRAMOWICZ family cross into Portugal, and they subsequently sailed on the Excambion from Lisbon to New York in March 1941. Nathan SCHIMMEL, Maria's young cousin, sailed on the vessel George Washington from Le Verdon (near Bordeaux) to New York in June 1940.

Maria ABRAMOWICZ was also known as Maria Lani, an actress and model who was the subject of some of the great Parisian artists of the late 1920s. A collection of the works by artists such as Matisse and Chagall can be viewed in LIFE Magazine.

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Telegram to Salazar, courtesy Portuguese Foreign Ministry