Donor Honor Roll

Current as of May 10, 2021

Special thanks for pro-bono professional services

Barbara Chapman, design services
Dennis B. Goldstein & Associates, accounting services
Josh M. Dressler, C.P.A., accounting services
Foster Garvey PC, legal services
Michel Gill, spokesman and Master of Ceremonies
Mary Kay Lazarus Public Relations
John Owen, accounting services
Jo Pisoni, videography services
Mindy Eisenberg Stark, C.P.A., accounting services
Diane Hartz Warsoff

$50,000 AND ABOVE

Hartog Family
Daniel and Noémi Mattis
Marilyn Ziering


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany


Eileen Berets
Banco BiG
Vladimir and Haewon Feltsman
Sky and Richard Field
Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg
Ralph Schlaeger Charitable Foundation
Sills Family Foundation


Mariana Abrantes de Sousa
Henrietta and Jerome Berko
Bodhi Tree Foundation
Neely and Elena Bruce
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Foundation
Rudolph and Janet de Winter
Henri and Josephine Dyner
Grodzins Fund, The
Philip and Judith Hahn
Joan and Itzhak Halperin
Arthur Hartog
Jeffrey and Gail Jarvik
Lissy Jarvik
Jewish Federation of Greater New Bedford
Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
John Young Charitable Settlement
Johnson & Johnson
Bernard Josefsberg and Tae Terumoto
Patricia A. Kenner
Monique Rubens Krohn and Douglas Krohn
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
Olivia Mattis
Gerald Mendes
Leon and Marilyn Moed
Samuel and Debra Moed
Felipe and Renata Propper de Callejón
Virginia Katherine Robinson
Roy and Niuta Titus Foundation, Inc.
Domitilia Santos
Louis O. Schueler
Lawrence and Susan Sills
Leah and Eric Sills
Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Sprague Foundation
Rena Subotnik
Daniel E. and Rose R. Subotnik
Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation
Marjorie Tiven
United Jewish Federation of Utah
Van Itallie Foundation
Shmuel and Deborah Blatt Vasser
Stuart and Leslie Steppel Weisbrod
Zions Bank


Patricia Adkins
American Sephardi Federation
Elisabeth M. Andriesse
Richard and Linda Arnay
Association of Portuguese-Speaking Attorneys
Miguel V. Avila
Barrett Family
Paul Beyersdorf
Robert Blaukopf and Stephanie Barrett
Jacques Bloch
Renato Bromfman
Cambridge Public Library
Marguerite Chandler
Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford, MA
John Kuehn and Elaine Crowley
Maria DeCarvalho
Karen and Bruce Denker
Todd Dimston
FG Corporation International, Inc.
First Class Concrete Corp.
Duncan and Barbara Gee
Rebel and Evelyn Good
Lawrence Gralla
Hahn-Bjerkholt Family
Guy Halperin
Oliver Hazan
Michel and Victoria Hersen
Edith Israel
Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
Alvaro and Alyssa Jinete
Michael Kashtan
Paula Kashtan
Robert Kashtan
Ronald Klagsbrun
Herbert Klagsbrun
Edward Klagsbrun
Alan Kleinberg
Harry Kleinhaus
Kubicek-Stadler Foundation
Eve Kurtin
Marc Kushner
Judith and Leonard Lauder
Natalia Luis and Cidalia Luis-Akbar
Main Line Reform Temple, Beth Elohim
Mansell-Hartog Family Charitable Fund
Ruth Mendes
André Campeau and Linda Mendes
Dina Nelson
Ellis Neufeld
Jill and Ed Neuwelt
Harry Oesterreicher
Kathleen Rand and Ruben Oliva
Pamela Ostrow
Luisa Pacheco Marques Arquitecta
Steven Piller
Laurence Pomerance
Marcia Posner
Sonja Rath
Michael and Gloria Rie
Adilia Hormigo and Kenneth Rivlin
Paul Rozenfeld
Linda and Stefan Rozenfeld
Monica S. Sadler
Marvin and Mimi Sandler
Frank and Maria Isabel Santos
Ferdinand Scharf
Arthur and Sarah DeBlois Sills
Peter Sills and Susan Thomas
Roberta and Robert Silman
Sam and Ellen Sporn
Lynn and Lee Sterling
Jack Stokvis
Sheila Vowinkel and Peter Tenenbaum
Wagner Family Charitable Fund
The Whitehead Foundation
Jacob Worenklein
Iva P. Wummer
Craig Youner


Aaron Family JCC of Dallas
Benjamin and Jennifer Adams
Anshe Emet Synagogue of Chicago
Anshe Emet Synagogue of Chicago Men's Club
Barbara and E. David Appelbaum
Gabrielle Arnay
Robert and Erika Detjen Arnay
Anita Aronoff
Shirley Ashkenas
Associacao Cultural 25 Abril (Toronto)
Matthew Ayers
B & M Fund
Claudine Bacher
Michael and Sandra Back
Leon and Ruth Back
Milena Baker
Eda Balsam
Banchik Family Foundation
Thomas Barad
Rebecca and Sanford Barber
Carlos Barbouth
Derek Barcinski
Sheila Barden
Clay Barr
Chris and Clara Barrett
J. Barrett and Brothers
Elena Baum
Renee Beddouk
John B. Bennet
Jeremy and Susan Urdang Berman
Annette Berman
Ann Berrios
John and Marjorie Beyersdorf
Shelley Steppel and Janice Bitet
Varina Bleil
Blue Card, Inc.
Gwen Blum
Barbara and Dan Bock
Jeanne Bodin
Pam Bodnar
Helene Boston
Jacqueline Botwinick
Louise Bramson
Brandeis Association, Inc.
Conceiçao Brito
Sylvain Bromberger
Sara Brook
Adam Brown
Ken Brownlee
David Bryan
Suzanne Burakoff
Dale and Kelli Burks
Daniel Burman
John-Paul Cardoso
Cecilia Cassidy
Rabbi Jeffrey Clopper
Deborah L. Cohen
Danny Cohen
Margaret Cohen
Arthur and Marion P. Cohen
Dvorah Colker
Congregation Beth David
Congregation Chevra Kadisha
Lisa and Jordan Copeland
Cornell University
João Crisóstomo
Czenstochover Society and Relief Committee, The
John Davis and Mary Gootjes
Marjorie Denver
Nathaniel Deutsch
Sophie and Lee Dichter
Dix Hills Jewish Center
Mark Dorner
Dorothy Dorsay
Jean Duvivier
Joseph and Lillian Elfenbein
Helen Elkiss
Embassy of Portugal to the United States
Escola Lusitania
Barbara and Gerald Essig
Falmouth Jewish Congregation
Daniel Farkas
Giovanni Favretti
Margret Feder
Michelle Weissman Feig
Alfred and Susan Feingold
Marc-Henri Fermont
Manuel D. and Maria B. Fernandes
Jeannette V. Fischer
Marilyn Fishbone
Jerome Chanes and Eva Fogelman
Mary and Emidio Fonseca
Marvin and Brauna Fortgang
Joel E. Freedman
Paul and Lori Freudman
Jane Friedman
Meyer Frucher
Mary Ganapol
Ronald Garfunkel
Beverly Gelfand
Stuart Gilbert
Debi Gildin
Michel Gill
Kristina Kendall and David Gluck
Cellin Gluck
Martin and Celestine Gold
Alison Goldbaum
Barbara Goldberg
Jesse and Elizabeth Goldberg
Steven Goldschmidt
Lolita Goldstein
Susie and Hal Goldstein
Louis Gonda
Sandra Goodglick
Sandi-Jo Gordon
Arnold and Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation
Lorne and Linda Greenwald
Merna Gross
Karen MacArthur and Bernard Grosser
Bernard Gurman
Ronald Guttman
Alma Guzman
Michael J. and Nora Hamerman
Karen Hammonds
Alan Harper
Ruth K. Hartz
Marlene Haus
Patricia Herskovic
Carol Stix and Herbert Hochberg
Phyliis Wiseman and Gerald Hollinger
Ada Horwich
Harriet Hyman
William Isacoff
Jose M. Ivo
Joyce Jacobsen
Robert Jacobvitz
Laurence and Nancy Strickland Jarvik
Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
John J. Schantz Charitable Fund
Michael and Ruthe Kanfer
Howard Kashtan
Kean University
Sarah B. Kendall
Samuel Keyser
Albert Kleinhaus
Gerald and Alice Korngold
Michele Koven
Marion Kreith
Susan Krug
Ruth A. Kurzbauer
Moshe Lachter
Richard Ned Lebow
Armand and Marlene Lerner
Renée Lerner
Ted and Carol Levy
Muriel Levy
Norman and Helene Levy
Sandra Lewis
Armand Lindenbaum
Ronald and Michelle Linton
Marcia Sachs Littell
Long Island Portuguese Lions Club
Isabel Lopes Dias
Ariella Bernstein and Abraham Losice
Andrée Lotey
Marsha Lustig
Dan Magder
Maxine Makover
James Mann
Mimi Turque Marre
Jay and Ruth Martin
Louis-Philippe Mendes
Marla Mendillo
Bonnie Merenstein
Michael B. Miller
Jennifer and Scott Miller
George Miller
Millersville University
Phyllis Mindell
Eric Moed
Moosnick Lectureship
Barbara Morris
Anne Murphy
Carol Nadell
Krystyna Newman
Susan Newmark
Victor Novotny
Nuno Filipe Nunes
Barbara Berger Opotowsky
Mordecai Paldiel
Nina Paskowitz
Jolie Pataki
Della Peretti
Felix Etienne-Edouard Pfeifle
Ira and Mindelle Pierce
Pine Lake Park Synagogue
Plainview Jewish Community
Vivian Polak
Joy Pollock
Eve Porter
Susan Posen
John and Barbara Prins
R. Prinz
Joanne Prives
Rabbi James Prosnit
Peter Rabinowitz
Tina Ragen
Daniel, Louise and Deborah Rath
Claudia Rei
M. I. Reiser
Stanley Richmond
Avron Ritch
Manuel Rogers Jr.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky
Michael Rothschild
Laurie Rozenfeld
Leslie Ruff
Susan S. Ruttner
Robert Sachs Jr.
Claude Saks
Janet Salter
Martin Saltzman
Allison Sampson
Rachel Schlam
Rhonda Schwartz
Chaim Seidler-Feller
Rachel Seliber
Regina Seltzer
Selzer Family
Arlene and Leo Shalinsky
Susan Shender
Yvonne Sherrington
Adelio and Hetty Simoes
Jill Slansky
David Sloves
Darrold Smith
Michael Spett
David Spiro
Timothy Smith and Nina Sporn
Fred Cordero and Jessica Sporn
Marion Standish
Julie Stein
Shelley Steppel
Sarah Sternklar
Robert Stokvis
Marilyn Swedarsky
Freida and Harvey Sweitzer
Janice Tarr
Cristina Tate
Temple Chaverim
Joana Lopez Teruel
Marla and Charles Teschner
Saul Touster
Alan and Margaret C. Towers
Bruce Treitman
Marcia Truland
Stuart Freedman and Joanne Tuck
Tucson Jewish Community Center
Dmitry Turovsky
Lisa Uhlmann
Union County Torah Center
University of Miami
Rachel Varat-Navarro
Charlene Vener
Jaime Wahnon
Lisa Wallack
Genevieve Warsaw
Diane Hartz Warsoff and Arthur Warsoff
Susan Wayne
Eileen and Richard Weinberg
Lenore and Stanley Weinstein
Fay Weiss
Ed Weissman
Louise Ross and Bruce Wolf
Ruth Wolf and W. Irving Wolf Jr.
Amy Wright
WU Business Solutions
Ron Zamir
Elon and Judy Zapinsky
Benjamin Zucker


Eva Abramczyc
Sheila Abranches-Pierce
Stephanie Abrutyn
Jane Adolph
Steven Allister
M. E. Alper
Gil Kulick and Anita Altman
Denise Altman
Esther Altmann
Amazon Smile Foundation
Janet Kestenberg Amighi
Naomi Amos
Judith Arick
Anne Armel
Cherie Arruda
ASC Meyners, Inc.
Stanley L. Atlas
ATSR Enterprises, LLC
David Auslander
David Balsam
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Evelyn Banko
Michael Bannerman
Andre Barcinski
William Bash
Cecilia Bastos
Melvin and Carol Beitscher
James Belin
Amy T. Beller
Angela Belsole
Luc Benhamou
Diane Berg
Leslie Berger
Meredith Berkman
Bilha Berkowitz
Deborah Bernick
Neil Bernstein
Barbara Bernstein
Trudy Bers
Bernard Biron
Shlomo Blumberg
Richard Boden
Jean-Marie Bolvin
Nancy Bookchin
Iris Borek
Kenneth Borelli
Manuel Borod
David Bossman
Samuel Bradley
Daniel Branton
Philip and Etta Braverman
Renee Brilliant
Pasqua Broccole
Bernard Broome
Elizabeth Brown
Judith A. and Steven J. Brown
Myron Cagan
Marilyn B. Cagin
Elisa Camahort
Melinda Camara
Sandy Cameron
Pearl Caplan
Ana Cardoso
Kenneth P. Carlson
Steve Carvalho
Marilyn Casowitz
Alec Cecil
Nancy Ford Charles
Rochelle Chasan
Ruby Cherof
David Cheslow
David Cohen
Dina Cohen
Lynne and Yehuda Cohen
Catherine L. and William F. Collins
Kathleen Connolly
Cheryl Cooper
Diana Criscione
Jennifer Dahnert
Susan Dalton
Cynthia Dalton
Jeanne Danziger
Bernice Davis
Manuel Amândio Alves Ribeiro de Oliveira
Deborah de Winter
Stanley Deser
Gail Desler
Laraine Deutsch
Tulia de Sousa Dias
Lawrence Donovan
Drennan, Thomas and Topel Forman, LLC
Marcel Drimer
Martha Edelheit
Richard Ehrlich
Frances Eisenstein
Jeanette Eisler
Amy Elfman
Faye Ellman
Abigail B. Endicott
Anne and Richard Erde
Reese and Elizabeth Erlich
Michael Erlichman
Svetlana Ershov
Armand Ertag
Anton Evangelista
Marie-Rose and Guy Faure
Rudy and Joy Favretti
Maggie Favretti
Carlos Marques Fazenda
Mindy Feller
Howard Fenebock
Stanley and Rena Field
Elliot Fineman
Naomi Finkelstein
Susan Firestone
Judith Fish
Elaine Fisher
Emily Flamenbaum
Tom Drennan and Topel Forman, LLC
Rachel Foster
Fanny Fraynd
Barbara C. Freeberg
Paulette Freed
Elizabeth Freirich
Rita Lea Freudberg
Robyn Friedman
Karen Friedman
Beth Furman
Anita Gabbay
Monica Gaines
Neil and Jeannette Gallagher
Alan Gamson
Amey Garber
Sonia Gilbert
Rachel Gindi
Mark Ginsburg
Rachel and Andrew Ginsburg
Howard Glickstein
Marian Goldberg
Geraldine Goldberg
Filomena Gomes
Marie J. Gomes
Ismael Goncalves
Owen Good
Deborah Goodman
Andrea Goodman and Jeffrey Ackerman
Google Matching Gifts Program
Elaine and Werner Gossels
Bonnie L. Gossels
Edward Gotbetter
Peter Gourevitch
David Greenberg
Ann Greenhill
Benita Greenspon
Larry Grimes
Linda Habif
Jacqueline Hackel
Cynthia Halpern
Geoff Hammonds
Keith Hammonds
Lorraine Hammonds
Herman Hamot
Terri Haram
Harkins Shea Cinemas LLC
Peter Hay
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hecht
Heinberg family
Jeffrey Heller
Dennis Herzog
Jeanne Hewitt
Sylvia Heyman
Dr. Anne Higa
Larry Hok
Roney Horovei
Ellen Horovitz
Louise Horvitz
Claire Hurley
Cheryl Hutt
Deborah and Adam Iarussi
Annette Insdorf
Lisa Itzkowitz
Vivian Jacobs
Burton F. and Eleanor Jaffe
JCC of Central New Jersey
Theodore Jellinek
Roberta Jenkins
Jewish Community Federation of Orange County
Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia
Katherine Kacer
Joan Kasner
Miriam Klein Kassenoff
Jack and Elaine Katz
Eric Katz
Amy and Peter Kazanoff
Aviva Kempner
Krystle Kendall
David Kennedy
Susan Kirshner
David Klagsbrun
Marc Klapholz
Sylvain Kleinhaus
Brian Kleinhaus
Helena Klots
Brianna Knoppow
Carolyn Koffler
Gregg Konopaske
Amy Koreen
Carole Kornreich
Julie and Boris Kotler
Judy Kreith
Joan Kretschmer
Peter and Edith Kubicek
Arun Kumar
Lauren and Rich Landy
Don and Alice Lappé
Judith Lasker
Steve Laverson
Dawna Lazare
Barbara Lazaroff
Aviva and Gerald Leberfeld
Nancy and Arthur Lee
Karen Lehmann
David Leinheardt
Harry and Emily Lembeck
David Lesk
Elise Lev
Gail Levine
Marc Lieberstein
Judith Liebeskind
Stanley Lieblein
Diana Lindemann
Alan Lippman
Helen and Marty Locke
Lawrence Loewenthal
Nora E. London
Vanessa Lorengo
Luso-American Financial
Roger Lustig
Anna Markus
Joan G. Marmor
Gabriel Marques
Senator Jack Martins
Aaron Mattis
Rubens Mau
Linda Mazur
Alba Mazza
Claire Meirowitz
Harry Melamed
Hillary Mendelsohn
Frank Mendes
Dinah and Andy Mendes
Julie Menin
Elsa Krasner Miller
Michael Minihan
Muriel Mitzman
Richard Mockler
Nancy Moloff
Pennie More
Patricia Morrill
Viola Morse
Evelyn Moschetta
David and Ruth Musher
Jane and Herbert Myers
Judith Nadell
Marcie Natan
Nationwide Incorporators, Inc.
Josette Nelson
Jud Newborn
Marty Nislick and Lynn Koff
Terry Noble
Fran and Robert P. Nossen
Lisa Nusbaum
Arline Olim
Susana and David Oliveira
Drora Oren
Carol Orwitz
Abraham Ossip
Ellen Ozur
Henry Pack
Bill Kelly and Ellen Paltiel
Yvonne C. Parnell
Victor Paulo
Gail Payne
Hilda Peljovich
Ines Pereira
Paulo Pereira
Martin and Bea Perl
Pfizer Foundation
Semyon Pinkhasov
Paulo Pinto
Teresa Pollin
Gianna Pontecorboli
Stan Poulos
Gladys Propper
Michelle Provitch
Henry and Carol Ramer
Perry Rank
Shulamit Reinharz
Dorna Remenick
Ellen Reynolds
Ilana and Daniel Richmond
Jon and Julianna Richter
Linda Rie
Don Rim
Steven Ritz
Eric and Marilyn Roberts
Natalie Roberts
Gladys and Larry Rockind
Adriano Nagelschmidt Rodrigues
Florence Roffman
Eric Rogers
Larry Rose
Beverly Rosen
Raymond Rosen
Marianne Rosenberg
Helene Rosenblatt
Liane Rosenblatt
Rowland Hall
Julie Rozenfeld
Rita Rubin
Fran Sachs
Lucille Safir
Sarna Family
James Savage
David Sax
Carole Schaefer
Maureen Schafer
Jane Schagrin
Birgitte Scheel
Robinson and Tom Scheuer
Eric Schlesinger
Jennifer Schmelkin
Michael and Lori Skopp Schmidt
Diane Schneider
Stephen Schnur
Julia and Johan Schor
Peter Schwab
Marcia and Barry Schwab
Schwab Charitable Fund
Judith Schwartz
Ginny Segaloff
J. Thomas Selldorff
Karen and Cengiz Selman
Richard and Jill Sheinberg
Leonard Sigal
Malaak Sills
Allan and Gail Silverberg
Adelinda Silvestre
Marvin Sippel
Suzanne Slesin
Hanna Slome
Dana Slucher
John L. Smith
Maritza Sotomayor
Felipe Sousa Gomes
Aristides and Teresa Sousa Mendes
Bilha Spatz
Mindy Eisenberg Stark
Gaia Starr
Stephen and Renée Steinig
Dandy Stevenson
Suffolk Y JCC
Peace Sullivan
Victor Susman
Wayne Tabachnik
Temple Beth El
Temple Beth Sholom
Temple Hillel Southside Jewish Center
Temple Tikvah
William and Sarah Tillis
Stephanie Tomei
Stephanie Torre
Anne Treseder
Eugene Trimboli
Stev Ucko
Jonathan and Nicole Ungar
Gila and Robert Unger
Rodrigo Queiroz Valério
Jean-Claude van Itallie
Mathilde van Perlstein
Dina Vaz
Sylvia Verdi
Philippe Vogel
Anne-Robin Waldman
Susan Walsh
Ilissa and Paul Warhit
Judith Weber
Elissa K. Wechsler
James A. and Elizabeth Gutmann Weingast
Susan and Mitch Weisman
Roseli Weiss
Fani Weissman
Ann Werner
Robert Wexler
Randa Wexler
Douglas Wheeler
Scott Whitney
Marjorie Wilkov
Kathy Rosenberg Wohl
Leslie Wolfowitz
Suzanne Wren
Miriam Yoles
Electra Yourke
Wendy Turchin Zack
Howard Zeidman
Violet Zeitlin
Marsha Zimmerman
Layne Zimmerman

Under $100

Margaret Abensur
Michele Abrams
Victor Abrantes
Kate Addieg
Miriam Adelman
Harriet Ades
Kurt Ahrensfeld
Michael and Linda Alberts
Ellen and Jerry Alpart
Susan Alpert
Roberta Alpert
Esther Altaras-Meyers
Alexandra Alznauer
Marcia Ames
Pat Anderson
Frederic Ankaoua
Rhoda Appel
Zeva And Steven Appel
Ronald Apple
Jolene Appleman
Elizabeth Appleyard
Lauri Arbeit
Carol Ardman
Orly Ardon
Stephanie Arnold
Raul Artal
Elaine Asa
Miriam Ascarelli
Dennis Askwith
Sheila Auslander
Sandra Axelrod
Maxwell Axler
Susan Bachner
Christina Baer
Linda Baer
Jennifer Bagby
Earl Baker
Barbara Baker-Ayares
Teresa Baldan
Adele Balinsky
Judith and Fred Ball
Wendy Ballin
Katie Glen Banks
Tracey Barbee
Dorothy Barfield
Peter and Tina Barland
Diane Barnett
Jaye Barre
Goldie Barth
Gloria Barton
Cynthia Bauman
Dianne Bazell
Robin Beard
Grant Beck
Cynthia Becker
Miriam Beckerman
Muriel Beerman
Lynn Beliak
Norman Bellingham
Saskieja Belmont
Rochelle Benezra
Shlomo Benjoseph
Morris Benun
Daniel Berek
Joy Berenfield
Eric Berg
Philip Berger
June Berger
Sandra Bergman
David Bergman
Leslie Berkowitz
Judi Berkun
Judith Berkun
Daisy Berl
Ellen Berman
Lisa Bernath
Sylviane Berner
Ruth Bernstein
Karin Berolzheimer
Jeanette Berstein
Catherine Bindman
Laura Birholtz
Janice Bishop
Regina Bittersfeld
Maxine Blake
Judith Blanton
Israel and Esther Blatman
Esther Bleiweiss
Pascale Blin
Cipora Blitz
Marcy Bloom
Laurie Blum
Stephen Blumm
Andrea Bolender
Louise Borden
Barbara Borys
Caroline Bourne
Michael Bowen
Eleanor Boyle
Michael Brahams
Renata Brailovsky
Manuela Brancanes
Kirsten Brashares
Celia Brauer
Alice Brauer
Sandra Brawarsky
Stephen Brazina
Eileen Breakstone
Eleanor Harrison and Peter Bregman
Pauline Breitman
Shari Brenner
Rachel Brenner
Rhoda Brenner
Carol Brier
Deborah Briggs
Joe Brill
Sofia Brindle
Henra Briskin
Martin Brodbar
Laurie Brody
Jane Brooks
Kevin Brown
Leslie Brown
Harriet Brownstein
Jared and Shirley Bryan
Veronique Bryant
Carl S. Buchman
Claire Burbea
Kevin Burchell
Liza Burke
Jeanne Burmon
Jessica-Sue Burstein
Janet Burton
Sue Butin
Aaron Cain
Armando Camoesas
Lorenzo Campbell
Nadine Canter
Gilson Capilouto
Richard Carleton
Michael Washburn and Nancy Carmichael
Marianne Carr
Paul Casowitz
Melissa Cates
Susan Charney
Eileen Chase
Helen Chaset
Francie Chassen-Lopez
Louis Cheffy
Sharon Chen
Beth Chernoff
Elaine and Harry Chernotsky
Phyllis Chesler
Andrea Chorney
Paula Chu
Dutch Chung
Joanie Ciardelli
Rebeca Cimet
Dierdra and Tim Clark
Class Affair Inc.
Susan Clayman
MaryKate Cleary
Benny Clock
Jennifer Coates
Carol Codell
Patricia Cohen
Catherine Cohen
Paula Cohen
Ronald Cohen
Brona Cohen
Gail R. Cohen
Edward and Estelle Cohen
Rabbi Sharon Cohen
Jerry Cohen
Terry Cohn
Michael Colby
Linda Coll
Chuck Collins
Shawn Conroy
Wendy Cooper
Barry and Naomi Cooper
Debra Coopersmith
Jennifer Coplon
Xavier Cornut
Anny Coury
Rina Coury
Maria Coutinho
Charles Covell
Patricia Cox
Kathryn Craven
Nancy Crum
James Crum
Florence Cruse
Alice Cunningham
David Curry
Susan Cwern
Phyllis Czyz
Lauren DaCruz
Fernanda Dacunha
Ervin Dan
Nancy Daneshgar
Yael Danieli
Dale Daniels
Danielle Darmouni
Linda Davey
Fred Davidow
Dianna Davidson
Judi Davis
Alberto De Barros
Robert De Bauw
Harriet De Koven
Audrey Decker
D Dektor
Alejandra Del Rio
Margaret Delicate
Shirley Dembo
Judy Densky
Honnie Derai
Toni Deser
Bruce A. DeTorres
Gayle Dettinger
Marilia Dias-Campbell
Jonathan Dick
C. Dickinson
Carolyn Dickinson
Robert Dietrich
Rosa Dinis
Coach Dinyah
Talli Dippold
Alphonse Doll
Deborah Dolnick
Nancy Dominiani
Matthew Dopaco
Ana Isabel dos Reis-Couto
Brenda Downie
Mary Helen Downie
Caryl Dreiblatt
Erika Dreifus
Olga Drucker
Jean du Toit
Vera Dubilier
Judith Dubin
Thomas Dublin
Mary Duke
Barbara Dworkin
Marc and Giselle d'Aout
Marie Earle
Yosef Edelstein
Rachel Efrati
Dr. Jerry S. Ehrlich
Linda Ehrlich
Barbara Eisenberg
Madeline Eisner
Dori Ekstein
Trudy Elbaum
Judith Ellis
Shelley Emmer
Sandra Emmerich
Judith Englund
Paula Eppinger
Phyllis and Arnold Epstein
Donald and Ruth Epstein
Judith Erlich
Robert Eshbach
Patricia Evans-Mizrachi
Susan and Barry Ezrine
Joanne Fabian
Leo Falk
Michael Farabaugh
Lynne Farbman
Paula-Joao Faria
Reva Farkas
Harriet Fasenfest
James Fauvell
Edward Feinberg
Julie Feldman
Lily Feldman
Layla Feldman
Anna Felsher
Renee Fendrich
Gloria Fenster
Rosemary Ferreira
Jody Fidler
Faith Fine
Linda Finkelstein
Ines Firmo
Alvin First
Ken Fischer
Susan Fischer
Diane Fisher
Dav Fisher
Heidi Fishman
Alma Flesch
Dan, Missy and Trey Fleshman
Norma Flores
Logan Fogle
Drs. Jessica and George Foltin
Tamara Forstater
Michele Foster
Alejandra Stein Fourman
Virginia Fox
Jody Fox
Martins Franco
Beverly Frank
Maria Frank
Kathy Franklin
Rhonda Freeman
Renee Freilich
Robin Fremer
Helen French
Dan Freudmann
Joan Freyre
Judith Fried
Miriam Friedberg
Carole Friedler
Jeanette Friedman
Stanley Friedman
Meryl Friedman-Parr
Martin Fuchsman
Cherie Furtado
Sharon Gainsburg
Sandy Galet
Babette Gallard
Maria Galvao
Noriko Gamblin
Marilyn Ganis
Giovannina Garcia
Paul and Colleen Gardephe
Rom Garfunkel
Elayne Garver
Lynn Geisler
Sonja Geismar
Rene Geist
Eric Gelfand
Cheryl Geliebter
Emmaia Gelman
Nancy Gere
Frances Gilbert
Joanne Gilbert
Heidi Gilbert
Nadine R. Gill
Carole Gilman
Michael Ginsberg
Susan Gitelson
Stuart Gitlitz
Rodi Glass
Belinda Glijansky
Audrey Gold
Barry Gold
Susan R. Goldberg
Steven Goldberg
Nancy Goldberg
Barbara Golden
Edith Goldenhar
Karen Goldfarb
Miriam Goldfarb
Irene Etkin Goldman
Susan L. Goldsmith
Daniel Goldsmith
Delrene Goldsmith
Eleanor Goldstein
Marjorie Goldstein
Bella Goldstine
Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser
Joel Golombeck
Alfredo Manuel Gonçalves
Monica Goodwin
Lee Gordon
Arnold Gordon
Jennifer Gordon
Sandra Gordon
Jacob Gordon
Edith Goren
Simone Gorko
Mary Goss
Alma Gottlieb
Robyn Gottlieb
Tyler Green
Rachel Green
Susan Green
Anita Greenbaum-Brush
Ellen Bachner Greenberg
Stephanie Greenberg
Anne Greenberg
Katherine Greene
Mark Greenspan
Carol Greenwood
Rebecca and Jonathan Greller
Milena Grenfell-Baines
Richard Grilli
Miriam Grodberg
Ellen Gross
Lauren Gross
Grace Cohen Grossman
Michael J. Grossman
Anita Grosz
Margaret Gruen
Lynn Gumpert
Tsipy Gur
Fran Gursky-Lipson
Jacqueline Gutwirth
Joseph and Patricia Habr
Hope Hagler
Cordula Hahn
Doris Haims
James Hake
Anita Halasz
Robert Hallam
Rachel Halpern
Halina Halpern
Mark Halpern
Joan Halpert
Pauline and John Hamley
Helen Hankin
Doris Hanrahan
Alan Harding
Ida Harding
Sandra Harris
Matthew Harris
Doris Harris
Stan and Linda Harvey
Lillian Hassman
Charlotte Hauptman
Frederic Hayat
Marilyn Hayes
Janet Heimer
Scott Heimlich
June and Frank Heintz
Eva Heisler
Wendy Henry
Gayle Striar Herman
Michele Herman
Gizelle Hernandez
Joseph M. Hernandez
Lynn Herring
Shoshana (Susan) Hershenstraus
Phillip Hershkowitz
Frederick Hertz
Leah Herzfeld
Avram Herzog
Katy Hess
Lisa Heuser
Natalie Hieger
Judy Hill
JoAnne Hilliard
Renee Hillman
Sally Hipscher
Linda Hirsch
Dena Hirsh
Mirna Hofbauer
Maggie Hoffman
Sandra Hoffman
Cami Hofstadter
Arlene Hogan
Wendy Hollander
Kathy Hollinger
Carolyn Holmes
Dan Honey
Rachael Horovitz
Janet Horvath
George Howlett
Abraham Huli
Margaret L. Hunn
Catherine Hunt
Richard Hurowitz
Carol Hustedde
Sheila Hutman
Dang Huynh
Joyce Hyam
David and Virginia Hyman
Natalia Indrimi
Edward and Joan Ingerman
Sharon Isbin
Joyce Jacobson
Leonard Jacobson
Nadine Jacobson
Marilyn Jacques
Marlene Jaffe
Debra A. James
Millie Jasper
Jewish Student Foundation
Naomi Johnson
Robin and David Jonas
Harriet Josefowicz
Marsha Joseph
Robert Judem
Miro Jugum
Beverly Kahn
Marsha Kaiserman
Linda Kales
Susan Kalev
Ruth Kaplan
Ronnie Kaplan
Gary Kaplan
Fred Kaplan
Marion Kaplan
Sara Kardonsky
Habibullah Karim
Marji and David Karlin
Sam Karp
Elisabeth F. Kastin
Roy Katz
Arthur Katz
Dorit Katz
Karen Katz
Inez Kaufman
Laurie Kaufman
Syndey Kaushansky
Mary Kearney
Blythe Kearney
Scott Keefer
S. A. Kelly
Ellen Paltiel and William Kelly
Shelley Kemp
Nancy Kemper
Meryl Kern
Brittany Kiernan
Tami Kinberg
Joseph L. King
Kimberly King
Stephan Kirchgraber
Rosalyn Kirkel
Marcia Kirschenbaum
Norma Kirsh
Kevin Kissinger
Zachary Kittrie
Phyllis Kitzes
Alison Klein
Mary Klein
Agnes V. Klein
Gavriella Klein
Rena Klein
Freda Kleinburd
Nancy Klemens
Shula Klinger
Susan and Matt Klyman
Helen Kniberg
Judy Knopf
Justin Knott
Carolyne Slayton Knox
Marian Kobrin
Felica Kobylanski
Valery Kogan
Carolyn Kohlman
Mona Kolko
Roselyn Kopit
Linda Koppelman
Lana Korb
Susan Kornetsky
Alyse Kosarin
Alan Koslow
Catherine Kouguell
Susan Kouguell
Gail Kozierok
Ruth Krasner
Elissa Krauss
Janie Krauter
Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz
Barbara Kreisberg
Barbara Krieger
Deborah Krisanda
Aron Krochmalnik
Elizabeth and Matt Krohn
Matt Krohn
Jim Krohn
Meaghan Krohn
Fran Kroll
Marina Kubicek
Sallie Kuh
Gerald Kumin
Rebecca Kun
Raymond and Yolanda Kunz
Diana Kuper
Aggie Kuperman
Lois Kurpiel
Laurie Kurs
David and Lorraine Kweskin
Annmary Lago and Matthew Rende
Alan Lambert
Joseph Lambert
Madeline Lander
Beth Lane
Edith Lane
David Lang
Christine Lapidus
A. P. and Dena Lawing
Teresa Lawler
Victor Lazaron
Robert Lazell
Jenn Leach
Roni Lebauer
Jacqueline Lechner
Nicole Lechner
Marion Lederer
Phyllis Lee
Ann Leeb
Adrienne Leff
Lisa Leff
Elizabeth Leff
Judith Leifer
Edmund Leites
Varda LeMonds
Stanley Lenkowsky
Nelson Leonard and Mary Jane Quinn
Marilyn Lerner
Michael Lesman
Edina Lessack
Deborah Lesser
Denise Lettau
Amalia Leubitz
Diane Levert
Stella Levi
Bernard Levin
Susanna Levin
Sharon Levinson
Judy Levy
Louise Levy
Alvin and Meryl Lewis
Ossie and Annette Lewis
Beatrice Lewis
Barbara Lewis
Susan Lewis
Stuart and Gwen Lichtman
Marc Lieberstein
Leanore Lieblein
Mahli Lieblich
Lois Lieff
Ellen Linard
Margaret Lincoln
Tamara Lindemann
Susan Lindsey
Roger Linker
Richard Lippman
Sheldon Liss
Miriam Lisser
Elizabeth Lissman
Frances Litvin
Gerard Lob
Rui Amaral Lopez
Yvonne Lorber
Anne and David Lowe
Jennifer Lowenkron
Rona Lowy
J & J Lubrano
Alicia Ludwig
Valerie Lynn
Karen Macofsky
Victor Madeira
Rima and Stephen Maislin
Cindy Malaney
Jeanette Malca
Monette Malewski
Elise Mandel
Gertrude Mandel
Jodi Mandel
Mandel-Anthony Family Trust
Audrey Manners
Ralph Mannheimer
Davida Manon
Marty Manson
Ellyn Mantell
Lotte Marcus
Dalia Margalit-Faircloth
Ida Margolis
Deborah Margoluis
Lydia Mark
Ruth Markel
Rhea-Beth Markowitz
Beverley Markowitz
Phyllis Markus
Maria A. Marques
John Martin
Angela Martins
Jayne Marx
Linda Sue Masia
Michele L. and Robert Matlin
Michael McCabe
Tara L. McCoy
Ian McDaniel
William McEachern
Brette McSweeney
Sarita Medina
Caryn Melton
Deborah Mendelson
Lynn Mendelssohn
Sébastien Mendes
Joshua Mendes
Isabelle Mendes
Fredelle Menin
Marilyn Merker
Paul Merrick
Mario Mesquita
Myriam Met
Audrey Meyer
James Meyer
Judy Meyer
Dorothy Michaels
Jack Micner
Andre Miko
Charles Mileret
Arthur Miller
Joan Miller
Ralph E. Miller
Congressman Jerrold Nadler and Dr. Joyce Miller
David Miller
Josephine L. Miller
Susan Miller
Penny Millson-Martula
Davin Milun
Deborah Minchin
Sharon Mire
Dulce Moche
Susan Moisoff
Manuel Moleiro
Leslie Molina
Momentum Sales
Judith Monson
Jan Monson
Angela Montalbano
Richard Moore
Amanda Moore
Bryn Morgan
Marian Morgenstern
Yair Moshel
Amos Moshel
Florene Moskovitz
Deanna Mullenix
Irene Munster
Alfred Munzer
Jennifer Myers
Carol Nachman
Linda Nacif
Barbara S. Nadel
Judi Nadel
Michael Nadler
Elaine Natalicchi
Jean Nathan
Edward P. Nathan
Michael Negron
Ted Nelson
Anne Nelson
Deborah Nelson
Charles Newell
Hildie Newman
Claire Newman
Judith Newman
Maris Newmark
Jessica Newmark
Alexander Newmark
Michelle Nicholas
Melissa Nickerson
Lisa Coll Nicolaou
Elizabeth Nicolosi
Nimble Books
Glenn Nivert
Fr. Dan Noll
Marvin Novick
Charles Novogrodsky
Elliott and Marcia Ober
Judith Oliver
Jana Oliver
Anita Oller
Bradley Olman
Romy Oltuski
Heidi Omlor
Barbara Orenstein
Karen Orman
Marla Osborn
Marlene Oser
Fred M. O'Bryan
Ralph and Carol Pacheco
Eva Paddock
Liz Paige
Lenora Paletz
Alice Palokoff
Barbara Panken
Lori Paradis
Elissa Parker
Gloria Pascal
Yoav Paskowitz
Henry and Arleen Pavony
Marjorie Pechet
Jayne Peister
Susan Pelleg
José Pereira
David Teles Pereira
David and Marjorie Perlman
Amy Persky
Joan Peters
Linda Pevar
Stefani Pfaff
Kathleen Pham
Perry Phillips
Janina Pikielny
Rosa Pinsky
Daniel Pisacano
Sheila Pleet
Krystyna Plochocki
Fran Plusker
David Pokrywka
Adam Polak
Bernard Pollack
Marcy Pollak
Sara Pollock
Ethel S. Pomerantz
Vivian Port
Hillary Postman
Joan Poulin
Anne Powell
Harriet Prigal
Harriet Prussack
Penny Rabinovitch
Myrna Rabinowitz
Judith Rabitcheff
Annette Radick
Arline Radine
Rob Randall
Esther Raphel
Nadia Rasheed
Lynn Rathmell
Leon Ravvin
Barbara and Peter Reaveley
Sandy Regev
Judy Reiser and Harvey Reidel
Stacy Reines
Giselle Reischer
Salvatore and Rosemary Rende
Golda Retchkiman
Marianne Rev
Cornelis Ribbens
Pedro Cunha Ribeiro
Linda Richman
Gerri and Allen Richmond
Rosa Richter
Bob and Melissa Riebe
Eileen Riemerschmid
Elayne Riskin
Nadia Ritter
Ethan and Sabra Rivel
Avrun Rivel
Laurie Rivelis
Paula Robbins
Erin Robbins
Vivian Roberts
Lynne Robins
Michelle Robinson
Joy Rocklin
Jorge da Paz Rodrigues
Julio F. Rodrigues
Deanna Rodriguez
Sheila Rogers
Cynthia Gale Rose
Carole Rosen
Penny Rosen
Sharon Rosen
Nancy Rosenberg
Pauline Rosenberg
Lisa and Michael Rosenberg
Marion Rosencrans
Ruth Rosenfeld
Lisa Rosenfield
Donald Rosenwinkel
Richard Rosenzweig
Phyllis Rosner
Andre Rosowsky
Bruce Ross
Judy Ross
Deborah Ross
Elfriede Ross
Chaya Roth
Judy Roth
Jane Rothchild
Ruth Rothseid
Marla Rothwax
Ruth Rotkowitz
Adela Rotsztain
Joao Rouxinol
Mary Roy
Michael Rozenblum
Arielle Rozenfeld
Hilary Rozenfeld
Max Rozenfeld
Barbara Rubanenko
Tessa Rubenstein
Marcelo Rubin
Barbara Rubin
Deedee Rubin
Patty and David Rubin
Marshall and Sandra Rulnick
Sue Rusk
Robert Ryan
Jean Sabharwal
Maurie M. Sachs
Ester Sagerman
Kael Sagheer
Michael Sales
Wendy Salkin
Leon Saltiel
Jane Salzman
Rena Samin
Bruce Sanders
Maria Cristina Santana
Elizabeth Santos
Lisa Satin
Fred Sauberman
Lynda Sauer
Kim Sawyer
Mark Scarr
Chris Schaefer
Judith Schanzer
Doris Schechter
A.G. Sjaan Scheffers
Karen Schickedanz
Lisa Schiffman
Lewis Schiller
Sylvia Schleimer
Ben Schlesinger
Marco Schneebalg
Gerry Schneeberg
Faye Schneier
Martin Scholnick
Ann Adenbaum and Alan Schramm
Elizabeth Schulze
Sharon Schumack
Fran Schwartz
Ruth Schwartz
Nancy Lee Schwartz
Cora Schwartz
Diane Schwartz
Alan Jay Schwartz
William Schwartz
Cecile Schwartzman
Jackie Schwarz
Seattle Storytellers Guild
Brenda Segal
Tali Segal
Marcy Segall
Evelyn Seidman
James B. Sel
Elizabeth Serkin
Barbara Shaikovitz
Linda Shapess
Melanie Shapiro
Vivian Shapiro
Phillip and Elaine Shapiro
Paul Shaw
Carole Shaw
Christine Sheckler
Reuven Shefer
Anita Shemin
Susan Shennon
Florence Shiff
Amy Shilo
Isabel Shuster
Harriet Siegel
Barbara Siegel
Amy Siev
Rhonda Silber
Brett Silberg
Elizabeth Siler
Jordan Sills
Eli Sills
Eliyahu Sills
Miriam Silman
Mark Silver
Blanche Silver
Susan Silverberg
Rosie Silverstein
Jo Ann Simon
Colleen Simon
Marilyn Sinclair
Rabbi Suzanne Singer
Jordy Sitnick
Toby Sklarew
Esther Sklofsky
Harriet Slass
Audrey Slater
Rona Small
Rita Smith
Barbara Smith
Sheldon Smith
Francie S. Smith
Alet Smits
Rabbi Moshe Smolkin
Sylvia Smoller
Jane Snow
Janet Snyder
Susan Solomon
Steve Solomon
Sharon Solomon
Joy Sommerfreund
Yocheved Sonenberg
Alice Soskin
South Baldwin Jewish Center
Graham Spanier
Laurence and Paula Spector
Joni and David Spielberg
Martin and Monica Spier
Lawrence Spirn
Matthew Spirn
Lawrence and Alida Spitzer
Natalie Spring
Jim Sprow
Clara Srebrenik
Karen Stachowicz
Helen Stamm
Frieda Stangler
Rita Starishevsky
Michael Staudinger
Jordan L. Stein
Alissa Stein
Stephen Stern
Rachel Stern
Dorothy Stern-Kucha
Edward Sternberg
Judi and Bob Sterns
Elizabeth Stevens
Mircea Stirbu
Tiago Stock
Nathan Stoltzfus
Judy Stone
Susan Stone
Barbara Strain
Joan Straumanis
Debra Strauss
Jeffrey Strauss
Bertha Strauss
Eycke M. Strickland
Margaret Sullivan
Sacha Rockwell Sullivan
Jules Sulzbach
Jody Susler
Andrew Sussman
Satomi Suzuki
Christopher Swann
Jacqueline Swartz
Ruth Swartzman
Ilona and Laura Szekely
Frieda Tabak
Amy Tarshis
Josef Tatelbaum
Susan Kohn Tatum
Michele Taub
Hugh Taylor
Maurice Tempelsman
Temple Solel
Emilie Tenenbaum
Diane Tepper
Nancy Tepper
Jonathan Tepper
John Tetzeli
William Tetzeli
Steve Tharakan
Mark Thomas
Robert Thompson
Mark Thornewill
Marilyn Thypin
Bette Tiago
Shirley M. and Ronald Tie
Paul Tillier
Judith Tischler
Marsha Tishler
Sidney Tishler
Mike Titelbaum
Irena Tocino
Alex Todaro
Marilyn Todd
Anne and Jerry Tollinsky
Paul Tomita
Helen Topal
Joyce Toub
Diane Trachtenberg
Henry Triller
Zipora Trope
Jonathan Tuerk
Cathy Tullman
Marianne Tulman
Eric Turkewitz
Dorothy Ullman
Arlyne Unger
Fred L. Caplan and Phyllis Unger
Judith Vangor
Brenda Vega
Henri-Jean Velge
Charles and Barbara Vengrove
Dawn Vermey
Marcy Viboch
Melita Vickter
Alan Victor
Barbara Victor
Barbara Vinick
Margo Viscusi
Judith Vogel
Lisa Wack
Martine Wagner
Golda Wainberg-Tatz
Phillip Waldoks
Lenore Waldron
Dolores Walker
Nancy Walter
Morey Waltuck
Dvora Wang
Sandra Wapner
Frederick Warnick
Elizabeth Warshawsky
Harriet Washton
Rita Wasserman
Lynne Waymon
Scott and Shirley Wayne
Hanna Wechsler
Sharon Weerth
Sheila Weinbach
Nadia Weinberg
Judith Weiner
Ronit Weingarden
Richard Weingarten
Ariella and Simon Weinstein
Paula Weinstein
Alma Weintraub
Lori Weintrob
Howard Weiser
Elliot and Doris Weiss
Ann Weiss
Vanessa Weiss
Sue Wendel
Susan Westrom
Rita Wexler
Kathy Whelan
Steven White
Robert E. White, III
Julie Whitman
Ellen Widawsky
Joanne Wiesner-Steiner
Jennifer Wilkov
Daniel Willard
Robert Williams
Judy Wineberg
Hinda Winokur
David Winter
Barry Winterbottom
Nancy Wintner
Roland Winzer
Paula Wisnik
Risa Wittman
Stacey Wizel-Saal
Marvin and Esther Wollock Wolf
Davidah Wolf
Scott Wolf
Harold Wolfe
Peter Wolff
Lynn Woloz
Denise Wolpert
Carol Woodward
Michael Wright
Ed Wujciak
Enid Wurtman
Eileen Yasbin
Susan Yemin
Rita Yohalem
Charna Young
Rosann Youngstein
Dr. Brad Zamer
Alan Zavalkoff
Lisa Zavos
Anne Zeifman
Eva Zelig
Yang Zheng
Judith Zickler
Corinne Zimmerman
Leanne Zimmerman
Gail Zivot
Rosemarie Zoto
Michael Zwick