Visa Recipients

  • BELGIUM, Crown Prince Baudouin of P A
    Age 9
  • BELGIUM, Prince Albert of P A
    Age 6
  • BELGIUM, Princess Josephine-Charlotte of P A
    Age 13
    Age 41

About the Family

The three children of King Leopold of Belgium received visas from Sousa Mendes in June 1940 and escaped France under the supervision of Paul VAN ZEELAND, Belgian economist and former Prime Minister.

They crossed into Spain on June 18 and later crossed into Portugal. At the end of July or the beginning of August they were flown back to Belgium under German military escort and remained there for the remainder of the war.

Gatien DU PARC LOCMARIA was the guardian and tutor of the royal children, and he looked after them during the exodus and throughout the war.

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Article from The New York Times published June 19, 1940 on Paul van Zeeland and the Royal children of Belgium