Visa Recipients

  • PICK, Evelyn Milada
    Age 29
  • PICK, William John A
    Age 29

About the Family

The PICK couple are presumed to have received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in France in June of 1940.

They crossed into Portugal, where they resided in Curia. They emigrated to the United States and changed their name to PETERS.

  • Artifacts
Pick recto

Pick recto

Pick verso

Rudolf Pick letter verso

Dear Aunt Mitzi, Many thanks for your note of the 4th, which I received yesterday. A week ago I moved from Curia to Porto. My address is on the other side. Many greetings from my parents. The Baumwalds have also come back, only Kurt is sick and in the hospital. I just learned Stefan\'s address today, that of his wife as well. The parents were beside themselves, but they\'re both doing OK. My boy is still in Switzerland but is supposed to be brought here in the next few weeks, since we all want to follow Seppi [Joseph]. He misses us a lot and has arranged everything so that we can join him without delay. Please write to me here again. I look forward to hearing from you. Greet Aunt Riki and the children, and have a big hug from your Rody.