Work Towards Fairness | An Installation

About the project

WTF : Work Towards Fairness, focuses on the proposal of a fresh schematic design for the Casa do Passal through the use of a temporary pavilion instillation. The project demonstrates, in specific terms, how this now-decrepit home, could be turned into a meaningful and dignified museum celebrating the life of its former inhabitant- the heroic Aristides de Sousa Mendes.

Eric Moed is an award-winning architect based in Brooklyn, NY. His grandfather and great-grandfather, both architects, received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes along with the rest of their family as they escaped from Belgium in 1940. After dedicating his undergraduate thesis to master planning the rebuilding of the Sousa Mendes home, the Casa do Passal, he created a temporary installation at the formerly derelict family home in Cabanas de Viriato with a grant from the Benetton company’s “UNhate Foundation.” Living in situ in Portugal, Moed constructed three memorial pavilions containing 30,000 signatures, highlighting the magnitude of Sousa Mendes’ altruism and issuing a plea for the injustices against Sousa Mendes and his family to be righted, and the Casa do Passal to be restored. At the project’s opening the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and the European Union announced the release of funds to restore the home. Eric Moed has a B. Arch from Pratt Institute and practices architecture in New York.