Casa do Passal

  • updates

  • 2023 – Phase II of construction being completed.
  • 2018 – Architectural firm Rosmaninho & Aszevedo hired to design the Sousa Mendes museum
  • 2016 – Sousa Mendes Foundation allocates further $25,000 to Casa do Passal museum project.
  • 2015 – Portuguese Secretary of State for Culture Jorge Barreto Xavier announces that the European Union has allocated a further €800,000 to the Casa do Passal museum project. Sousa Mendes Foundation announces its own contribution to the project of $50,000.
  • 2014 – Construction begins on the Sousa Mendes home, Casa do Passal, with €316,000 allocated jointly by the European Union and the Portuguese Government.
  • 2013 – Work Towards Fairness architectural installation at Sousa Mendes home Casa do Passal by Eric Moed.
  • 2011 – Casa do Passal designated as a National Monument of Portugal.