Visa Recipients

  • BECH, Betty P
  • BECH, Charles P
    Age 21
  • BECH, Joseph P
    Age 53
  • BODSON, Audrée P
    Age 14
  • BODSON, Gilberte P
    Age 37
  • BODSON, Hubert Joseph Victor P
    Age 38
  • BODSON, Leon P
    Age 1
  • BODSON, Marie T. P
    Age 10
  • BODSON, Robert P
    Age 1
  • BODSON, Sonia P A
    Age 6
  • BUSCH, Suzanne
    Age 47
  • DUPONG, Henriette P
    Age 16
  • DUPONG, Jean P
    Age 15
  • DUPONG, Lambert Henri
    Age 23
  • DUPONG, Marie Thérèse
    Age 24
  • DUPONG, Pierre P
    Age 54
  • DUPONG, Sophie
    Age 44
  • ELVINGER, Nicolas Pierre P
    Age 37
  • KRIER, Pierre P
    Age 55

About the Family

These Luxembourg political leaders, their families and staff, received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux in June 1940.

Joseph BECH was the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg. After World War II, he resumed the position of Foreign Minister.

Victor BODSON was the Luxembourg Minister of Justice. He rescued approximately 100 Jews by creating an escape route across the river Sauer from Germany to Luxembourg. For his courageous and valiant efforts he too is recognized by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Authority in Israel. The BODSON family crossed into Portugal. They sailed on the vessel Excambion from Lisbon to New York in October 1940.

Pierre DUPONG was the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. The DUPONG family crossed into Portugal. Pierre and Sophie DUPONG sailed from Lisbon to New York on the vessel Excalibur in October 1940. Their four children sailed to New York on the ship Excambion, also in October. Pierre DUPONG became the leader of the Luxembourg government-in-exile during the war, and he remained as Prime Minister after the war until 1953.

Nicholas Pierre ELVINGER was a Luxembourg Justice of the Peace.

Pierre KRIER was the Luxembourg Minister of Labor.

  • Photos
  • Artifacts
Bodson bear

Teddy bear carried by Sonia BODSON, age 6, during the exodus

Bodson nametag

Necktag worn by Sonia Bodson, age 6, during the exodus