Visa Recipients

  • BLUM, Denise V P A
    Age 15
  • BLUM, Françoise Louise Alice P
    Age 9
  • BLUM, Georges P
    Age 51
  • BLUM, Léon Edouard Ernest P
    Age 44
  • BLUM, Lucienne née KLEINBERG P
    Age 33
  • BLUM, Miriam née FALK
    Age 42
    Age 38
  • HARTOG, Ernest P
    Age 59
  • KLEINBERG, Jeanne Marie née HARTOG P
    Age 60

About the Family

The Blum/Hartog/Kleinberg families received visas in Bordeaux from Aristides de Sousa Mendes on June 20, 1940.

They crossed into Portugal, where the Georges BLUM family resided in Coimbra. Miriam and Denise sailed on the ship Excambion from Lisbon to New York in July of 1940. Georges followed on the vessel Excalibur.

The Léon BLUM family, from Belgium, resided in Curia. They sailed on the ship Nyassa from Lisbon to New York in November of 1940.

Alice HARTOG and her mother Jeanne KLEINBERG resided in Porto. They flew on the Yankee Clipper seaplane from Lisbon to New York in October of 1940.

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Denise BLUM Diary

Denise BLUM Diary


Close-up of Denise BLUM diary