Visa Recipients

  • CORNU, André P A
    Age 48 | Visa #2098
  • CORNU, Renée Jeanne Henriette née PRESLE A
    Age 45 | Visa #2100
  • CORNU, Suzanne A
    Visa #2097
  • GALLIMARD, Simone Louise Emilie née CORNU P A
    Age 22 | Visa #2099

About the Family

This family received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux on June 18, 1940.

André CORNU was a French politician. His daughter Simone GALLIMARD, who became a famous publisher, was nine months pregnant at the time she received her visa and gave birth in Cognac, France the following week. The family did not cross into Portugal, but instead sat out the war in Eure-et-Loir in southern France.

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Page of Sousa Mendes Visa Registry Book listing this family and others - Courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs archives, Lisbon