Visa Recipients

  • CZEISLER, Edith née WYRANY A
    Age 30 | Visa #2076
  • CZEISLER, Joseph A
    Age 34 | Visa #2075

About the Family

The CZEISLER couple received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux on June 18, 1940.

They crossed into Portugal, where they resided in Coimbra, arriving on June 24, 1940. They spent the rest of the war years in Portugal, where Joseph CZEISLER did some work for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Immediately following the war, they went to Paris, and subsequently emigrated to Canada.

  • Artifact

Page of Sousa Mendes Visa Registry Book listing this family and others - Courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs archives, Lisbon