De Jong/De Kadt/De Vries

Visa Recipients

  • DE JONG, Mathilde née DE VRIES P
    Age 64
  • DE KADT, Betsy Arnolda née DE JONG P
    Age 42
  • DE KADT, Edith Mary P
    Age 16
  • DE KADT, Isidor Emanuel P
    Age 51
  • DE KADT, Josephine Mathilde P A
    Age 21 | Visa unnumbered
  • DE KADT, Marianne Josephine P
    Age 18
  • DE KADT, Marie née DE KADT P
    Age 40
  • DE KADT, Mathilde Rica V P A
    Age 15 | Visa unnumbered
  • DE KADT, Pieter Pim P
    Age 11
  • DE KADT, Rica P
    Age 49
  • DE KADT, Simon P
    Age 77

About the Family

This large family of Dutch nationals received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bayonne, France on June 21, 1940.

The following day, they traveled from Bayonne to Porto, Portugal on the vessel Milena, a Portuguese schooner that had been chartered by Belgian and Dutch financiers for a group of around 50 passengers.

Several de Kadt family members, who held Spanish visas, disembarked in Santander and continued overland to Portugal.

In August of 1940 they traveled on the vessel Quanza from Lisbon to New York.

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Visa issued to Josephine DE KADT in Bayonne

Visa issued to Mathilde DE KADT in Bayonne