Visa Recipients

  • GOLDENHAR, Brajndla née SZAFRAN P A
    Age 47
    Age 46
  • GOLDENHAR, Mojzesz P A
    Age 16
  • GOLDENHAR, Sabina V P A
    Age 15

About the Family

The GOLDENHAR family, Polish citizens escaping from Belgium, received Portuguese visas in Toulouse on June 19, 1940 from honorary vice-consul Emile Gissot under orders from Aristides de Sousa Mendes.

They crossed into Portugal and sailed on the vessel Quanza from Lisbon to Vera Cruz, Mexico. After being denied entry by the Mexican authorities, they were eventually granted asylum in the United States.

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Interview with Simone Neufeld née Sabina Goldenhar.  Excerpted from Nobody Wants Us (2019, dir. Laura Seltzer-Duny).  For more information, see

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Goldenhar visa signed by Emile Gissot in Toulouse on orders of Aristides de Sousa Mendes