Visa Recipients

  • DE LYNAR, Marguerite P
    Age 69
  • KONSBRUCK, Carlo P
    Age 2 months
  • KONSBRUCK, Guillaume P
    Age 31
    Age 3
    Age 26
  • LUXEMBOURG, Crown Prince Jean de P
    Age 19
  • LUXEMBOURG, Grand Duchess Charlotte de P A
    Age 44
  • LUXEMBOURG, Grand Duchess Marie-Anne de P
    Age 79
  • LUXEMBOURG, Prince Charles de P
    Age 12
  • LUXEMBOURG, Prince Consort Felix of BOURBON-PARME P A
    Age 46
  • LUXEMBOURG, Princess Alix de P
    Age 11
  • LUXEMBOURG, Princess Elisabeth de P
    Age 17
  • LUXEMBOURG, Princess Marie Adelaide de P
    Age 16
  • LUXEMBOURG, Princess Marie Gabrielle de P
    Age 15
  • NICLOU, Eugène P A
    Age 33
  • NICLOU, Joséphine née WAGNER A
    Age 29
  • REINARD, Justine
    Age 37
  • SINNER, Alice P
    Age 52

About the Family

The LUXEMBOURG royal family, along with members of their cabinet and household, received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux on June 17, 1940.

They crossed into Portugal and subsequently traveled to the United States in two groups: on the USS Trenton from Lisbon to Baltimore in July 1940, and on the Pan American seaplane Yankee Clipper from Lisbon to New York in October 1940.

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Testimonial of Grand Duchess Charlotte of LUXEMBOURG, 1968

Visa issued to Eugène Niclou in Bordeaux - Collection Ed Kandel

Visa issued to Joséphine Niclou in Bordeaux - Collection Ed Kandel

Grand Ducal trunk

Trunk of Prince Consort Felix used during the exodus - Archives of the Grand Ducal House of Luxembourg © Christof Weber / Grand Ducal Court