Visa Recipients

  • MANHEIM, Hadassa née DIAMANT P
    Age 55
  • MANHEIM, Naftali Hersch P
    Age 27
  • MANHEIM, Rachela Serafina P
    Age 15
  • MANHEIM, Samuel Natan Nuta P
    Age 55
  • RIMALT, Chana née MANHEIM P
    Age 33
  • RIMALT, Mojzes P
    Age 37
  • RIMALT, Regina P
    Age 2

About the Family

This family is presumed to have received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in France in June of 1940. They crossed into Portugal on June 26, 1940. Mojzes Rimalt had been escaping through France on foot and was traveling separately from the family. His visa was issued following Chana Rimalt's August 1940 appeal to the Portuguese Minister of Propaganda.

The MANHEIM family sailed from Lisbon to New York on the vessel Nyassa in April 1941.

The RIMALT family traveled from Portugal to Cuba, and eventually emigrated to the United States, entering in Florida in 1944.

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