Visa Recipients

  • WAJSFELD, Annie P
    Age 4
  • WAJSFELD, Hinde née LABIN P
    Age 30
    Age 1
  • WAJSFELD, Marcus P
    Age 3
  • WAJSFELD, Szloma Chaskiel P T
    Age 26

About the Family

The WAJSFELD family received Portuguese visas in June 1940 in Toulouse France under the authority of Aristides de Sousa Mendes.

They did not use the visas but instead crossed into neutral Switzerland, where they spent the remainder of the war.

Marcus WAJSFELD became the distinguished Holocaust scholar and expert on the Righteous, Dr. Mordecai PALDIEL.

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  • Testimonial

Testimonial of Szloma WAJSFELD

We arranged with a local man who had a van to take us to the Spanish border. Why Spain? Because we had a visa for Portugal. Mother then told a Jewish lady about our plan and she asked whether she could join us. The visa we had received from the Portuguese consul in Toulouse. It was a transit visa.