Visa Recipients

  • WELLNER, Akiwa P A
    Age 47
  • WELLNER, Alfred A
    Age 8
  • WELLNER, Edith A
    Age 1
  • WELLNER, Lillian A
    Age 13
  • WELLNER, Maurice A
    Age 11
  • WELLNER, Regina née FISCHER P A
    Age 43

About the Family

The WELLNER family received visas from Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux, France in May of 1940.

They did not cross into Portugal, but instead sailed from Le Verdon, France to New York on the vessel Washington in June of 1940.

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Telegram from Sousa Mendes on behalf of WILLNER

Telegram from Sousa Mendes on behalf of the WELLNER family - Courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs archives, Lisbon